Recruitment and Selection Process in HRM

A well devised recruitment and selection process is very essential for the organization because if an employee selected once, he/she will remain in the company for number of years.

Therefore, faulty recruitment and selection process will lead to low productivity and high labor turnover.

Recruitment and selection in HRM is a process by which the organization develops a set of qualified and desired job seekers for the future human resources needed in the organization even though specific vacancies do not exists in the organization. It is the procedure which connects the employers with the job applicants.

Steps in Recruitment

  • Publicizing information about job vacancies in the organization.
  • Identifying the sources of supply of adequate number and right type of personnel required.
  • Contact and communicate with the source of recruitment which is chosen. e.g. advertisement for vacancies in a newspaper so as to stimulate the prospective candidates to offer themselves for employment.
  • Assessing alternative sources of manpower and choosing the best source.

Recruitment Process

Recruitment process can be defined as the process of searching and choosing the potential human resources for filling the desired vacant posts in a company.

Recruitment process is the first step ob building a strong and energetic personnel base. Because the success of any organization depends upon its talented and effective human resources.

Recruitment process can be organized as follows;

  • Identifying the vacancy. Recruitment process starts when the human resource department receive the requisition for the people needed for the vacant jobs from any department of the organization.
  • Number of posts to be filled.
  • Number of persons required.
  • Qualification required for respective vacancies.
  • Preparing the job description and person specification.
  • Developing the sources required to fulfill the desired candidates for the job. (Advertising etc.)
  • Shortlisting the desired employee with desired characteristics.
  • Arranging the interview with the selected candidates.
  • Conducting the interview and decision making.

After recruitment process is done than immediately selection process starts i.e. the final interviews and the decision making, conveying the decision and the appointment formalities.

Recruitment and selection process

Selection Process

Selection process can be explained as the process in which right candidates with desired qualification and skills are shortlisted and selected according to the nature and requirements of the job.

Selection process includes the following systematic procedure.

  • Preliminary Interview

The organization set some minimum eligibility criteria for the candidates to be selected. And those candidates who do not fit in that criteria are eliminated from further selection process through preliminary interview.

This is basic interview which is conducted to eliminate the candidates who are not suitable to work in the organization. It helps the organization to move further for selection process with potential fit employees to fill their vacancies by removing the unsuitable candidates.

  • Receiving Applications

Those candidates who have qualified the preliminary interview, they are required to fill the application form in the prescribed format. This application contains personal information including name, father’s name, age, sex, marital status, Qualifications, experience, hobbies etc,

These information helps interviewers to obtain the clear idea about the candidates which helps to formulate the questions to get more information about him.

  • Screening Applications

When all the applications are received once, then these applications are screened by a special screening committee who analyse and choose the desired and suitable candidates from the applications to call for an interview.

Applicants could be selected through shortlisting criteria like age, sex, qualifications, work, experience of an individual, etc.

  • Employment Tests

In this step all the candidates have to go through some employment tests organized by the organization in order to check their skills, talent and the mental ability.

This is done through various employment tests like intelligence tests, personality tests, aptitude tests, interest tests, proficiency tests, etc. These tests help the organization to decide and judge the suitable candidates for the job.

  • Employment Interview

Employment interview is an important step. It not only acts as a check on the information already obtained but also provide the opportunity to form a better understanding of the candidate to motivate and inform him about the job and the company.

Purpose of this interview is to analyse and find the suitability of a candidate to the job. And provide him an idea about the job profile and what are the expectation of the organization from the potential employee.

This step is critical because organization has to select the right people for the right jobs. The communication skills and confidence level can also be checked at this stage.

  • Checking References

The organizations usually inquire for the references from the candidates which help the organizations to cross check authenticity of the information given by the candidates.

It is important source of information because through these references, the organization come to know about the capabilities, experience in the previous companies, managerial skills and leadership ability of the candidates.

  • Medical Examination

Medical examination of the candidate is required for several reasons like to ensure that he/she is physically fit for the job that he/she does not suffer from any latent disease and the firm is not liable for any claim under Workmen Compensation Act.

The medical exam is very important step in the process of selection. In some organizations, it is done at the beginning of the process while in some cases it is done after the final selection. Thus, this stage is not rigid and can take place anywhere in the selection process.

  • Final Selection and Appointment Letter

On completion of the selection process, the candidates are finally selected and letters of appointment are issued to them. This appointment letter states the term and conditions of employment including the pay scale, starting salary, allowances, the period of probation, and other benefits etc.

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Recruitment and selection process of employees is very valuable and important process in human resource management because it provides the effective and desirable employees to the organization. If it is not done effectively and in appropriate manner than it will directly affect the future growth and success of the organization.